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Everything you need to know to bet with bitcoin

More than 72% of the clients who convert to bitcoin for the first time, end up becoming exclusive bitcoin clients. It is too fast, too easy, and too inexpensive. Stop waiting for banks to approve your deposit, stop dealing with people misspelling names, and stop waiting for your funds to clear. You are missing out on the action while you wait. With bitcoin, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.




Deposits and Withdrawals?

Deposits and Withdrawals?



The Basics of Bitcoin Security

The Basics of Bitcoin Security


3 Easy Steps

To use Bitcoin at MyBookie Sportsbook & Casino

Step 1

Create a Bitcoin “wallet” and buy Bitcoin

First, you’ll need to sign up and then create an account with a Bitcoin exchange. This allows you to buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin. In order to buy Bitcoin, you’ll deposit funds into your Bitcoin exchange account. You can then transfer to your mobile wallet or make purchases directly from the exchange.

Most Bitcoin exchanges allow you to use a credit/debit card or link your checking account directly in order to buy Bitcoin. Credit and debit card transactions usually take just a few minutes but have lower limits. Bank account transaction generally takes 2-3 days, but your account is verified quicker and your limits increase exponentially.

Exchange Limits Method Funding time Daily ($10-$500)
Verified accounts Weekly ($10-$2500)
Visa-MC CC
Bank account
Instant Daily ($60-$5000)
Weekly ($100-$10,000) Verified accounts
Visa-MC CC
Visa-MC CC
45 min
2 hours
CashApp There are no limits with
CC- Bank account or
20 minutes or
Step 2

Get the MYBookie address where you will send your Bitcoin

Once your Bitcoin is in your wallet, simply transfer them to MYBookie to fund your betting account.

  • Log in to your MYBookie account
  • Open the MYBookie cashier
  • Click on deposit
  • Choose Bitcoin as your deposit method
  • Copy the Bitcoin Address where you will send your Bitcoin.

We highly recommend that you copy and paste the bitcoin address to avoid making typing mistakes. Remember, if you make a mistake with the address, the funds cannot be recovered.


Please be aware that when you request a bitcoin address, it will only be valid in our system for 48 hours. If this time frame has expired, please request a new address.

To guarantee the best and most secure transaction always go to the MYBookie cashier to get your new bitcoin address when sending bitcoin.

MyBookie Address
Step 3

Send your Bitcoin to MYBookie to fund your betting account

Once you have copied the MYBookie address that you will use to deposit your bitcoin, return to your Bitcoin wallet and click on the link to send Bitcoin.

PASTE the MYBookie Bitcoin address into the recipient address field.

Click send Bitcoin to complete the sending process.

Once you have sent the Bitcoin, your account will typically be funded in less than 20 minutes and you will be ready to go. It is just that easy!

FOR ADVANCED SECURITY PRECAUTIONS: Just like cash and credit cards, you must take certain precautions to ensure that your Bitcoin wallet is safe and secure. It is your responsibility to adopt best practices in order to protect your money. Here are a few advanced security guidelines that we recommend.

Think Smart

Try to avoid keeping a large amount in your Bitcoin wallet. You usually wouldn’t walk around the streets with thousands of dollars in cash in your pocket. Think of your bitcoin wallet just like an actual wallet, only keep a working amount of money in your mobile wallet!

Back It Up Baby!

Back that hard drive up on a regular basis. Not only does it contain all of your Bitcoin information, but backing up your hard drive also ensures you’ll keep your data if your computer’s hard drives decides to stop working or gets damaged.

Secret Squirrel

It’s critical to always keep a back-up of the secret key to your Bitcoin wallet. When everything else fails, your secret key will allow you to access your Bitcoin wallet. Squirrel that secret key away where only you can gain access to it.

No School Like Old School

Create an offline wallet for your Bitcoin. An offline wallet that never comes in contact with the Internet, provides one of the oldest – and most secure levels there is. Make sure you store your Bitcoin information in a fire safe or bank safe deposit box!

Long-Term Insurance

Make sure at least one person you know and really trust knows where to find the locations and the passwords of your Bitcoin wallets.

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Great and super fast payout

5.0 rating
Saturday, May 25, 2019 3:15, EDT

Cashed out on MyBookie and process was very fast and simple compared to other sites.


Quick and Courteous

5.0 rating
Monday, May 20, 2019 1:07, EDT

After betting with a few other sites, MyBookie has gained my business. I most bet NHL and MLB games and have had both losses and success. After winning several hundred, I reached out to an agent for help with a BTC withdrawal who kindly and promptly asked my questions. The withdrawal hit my wallet in 2 days. Very impressed by the speed and personnel. Keep it up.


Response from MyBookie Online Sportsbook

Hello Travis,
We’re glad you received your payout in no time! Thanks for being a part of the MyBookie family.

Great sportsbook with creative prop bets

5.0 rating
Friday, May 17, 2019 6:36, EDT

I really enjoy playing at MyBookie. If you want odds on the biggest games, they’ve got that. If you want odds on how many points Pat McAfee’s producer will score at skeeball, they’ve got that as well. Heck, I’ve got a pending bet on whether the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade. No sportsbook can match their assortment of offerings. And payouts are very quick with Bitcoin. A+

Richard F
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